Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coaches SMU is apparrently not considering 3

Chris Hatcher is a genius and will be a head coach in Division I-A sooner rather than later. Again, he is young and not quite a man according to OSU coach Mike Gundy. He was the head coach of Division II Voldosta State and is now the head coach of Division I-AA Georgia Southern.

In seven years at Voldosta State, he posted an .864 winning percentage;registered a 68-7 mark in the regular season, was 56-6 in conference play, had 60 All-conference selections, coached 16 Division II all-american selections and won a Division II national championship.

In his first year at Georgia Southern, he coached a player to the Walter Payton Award (I-AA Heisman). He was a finalist for I-AA coach of the year. He turned a 3-8 team into a 7-4 team.

He interviewed at Georgia Tech this year. Again, we aren't looking at lower division head coaches. And yes, I know Mike Cavan coached at Voldosta State; is that really a reason not to consider a coach? I said this before but I believe that sometimes it is better to find a good coach yourself than overpay to hire a coach away from somewhere else.



Anonymous said...

This guy would be great. If he was good enough for Georgia Tech, he would be good enough for SMU. Besides, since Orsini got rid of Bennett so early, there are no recruits for SMU this year anyway. No one recruited during the prime recruiting season, and now Orsini is trying to hold on to those that expressed some - if not overwhelming - interest. Good freakin' luck ! !

So, perhaps this guy would know some prospects that would be happy to step up to a 1-A university. And he would certainly work for a percentage of all the cash Orsini has piled up.

Sounds like a match made in football heaven.

Anonymous said...

Actually... It looks like anybody that's good enough for Georgia Tech is TOO good for SMU.

That's what Paul Johnson said, at least.