Monday, December 03, 2007

Coach Watch Day 44, maybe 45 or 46, I dunno anymore

Most SMU fans in the know/dark spent much of the day watching a green line cross the country and back again. Gerald Ford's Gulfstream flew to Baltimore and back today, allegedly to retrieve Paul Johnson from Navy.

Things we know (culled mostly from the message boards):

1) The LEC which offices next to the athletic department and Ford Stadium were "closed" today for testing of an electrical system.

The The Loyd Center building will be closed for maintenance today (Monday, Dec. 3) beginning 5:30 p.m. This means the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center will relocate.

From 5 to 10 p.m. today, ALEC tutoring will take place in Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. There will be ALEC night managers at the main Dedman Center entrance to help students find the tutors they need. The Monday tutoring schedule will remain in effect.


ALEC expects to return to the Loyd Center and resume normal operations on Tuesday.

2) All the lights were on in Ford Stadium. Field lights, offices, club level, suites.

3) Following email was sent:
To: Athletic Department Staff
From: Steve Orsini
Subject: “The Rumor Mill”
In our football coaching search, we have reached a point at which rumors are circulating and fans and friends may be asking you about various possibilities. As you would guess, we want to coordinate any information that comes out of the department. For this reason, I will be serving as the only spokesperson for our department during the selection process. Because of the sensitive nature of the process, I ask that you not engage in conjecture or speculation on our search timeline or potential candidates with those outside the department.

4) late tonight, Dennis Dodd reported that Paul Johnson had an offer from Georgia Tech.

5) Duke's athletic director allegedly spoke with Paul Johnson. It is unclear from the report whether that took place on Sunday or Monday.

But what does it all mean? Put it all together and Paul Johnson is/was in town and Orsini et al. put on a show.

Is he still here? Will he stay? Will there be a press conference tomorrow? Does the Dallas Morning News even have an SMU beat writer any more?

The answer to all of these and many more questions may be answered tomorrow.

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