Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coaches SMU is apparently not considering 2

Will Muschamp

Will Muschamp is the youngest and hottest coaching prospect without a head coaching job in America. While young, he has the rare resume that includes coordinator stops in both the SEC (twice) and NFL. He is only 35. He was an assistant at LSU and Saban took him to coach the Dolphins. He left the Dolphins ahead of Saban and went to Auburn.

He has been interviewed at Georgia Tech and Arkansas. He turned down the opportunity to interview at Louisiana Tech last year.

If Will Muschamp were hired, I will be thrilled. And not only because I will print 500 "Boom! Motherf**ker!" T-shirts. I genuinely think the guy can coach. Muschamp is the Defensive Coordinator for a team with an offensive-minded head coach.

Again, we aren't looking at first-time head coaches. Personally, I believe that sometimes it is better to find a good coach yourself than overpay to hire a coach away from somewhere else.


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Anonymous said...

Are we still positive that they aren't considering coordinators? Maybe after going 0 for whatever on head coaches they're willing to settle for a coordinator? I heard Arkansas considered Muschamp. Isn't it weird that SMU wouldn't consider a guy that Arkansas would?