Sunday, November 11, 2007

Terry Bowden

Since my manhood was challenged, I thought I would dispell one of the common rumors floating around. Someone has suggested Terry Bowden is not interested in the SMU job. I have been told multiple times the exact opposite is true. Contrary to what some suggest, Bowden isn't going to get the Auburn job or the Florida State job or whatever. That isn't going to happen, and he knows it. He wants to coach, it is going to be a job like SMU's. The question is not whether Bowden wants SMU, but whether SMU wants Bowden.

As mason and Barnett have spouted off in the media the past two weeks, why hasn't Bowden? Bowden is a media whore. Bowden's silence has more to do with his interest than a lack thereof.

And Glen Mason isn't going to get the UCLA job, either.


Anonymous said...

Thank god for the voice of sanity and reason.

matt said...

I think SMU could be a good job for the right coach. With the problems on defense and with the talent on offense (Willis, Mapps, Sanders), an offensive minded coach would be a good hire. I think trying to outscore teams in CUSA would be a good strategy.