Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SMU Coach Search Day 31

The most important SMU story of the day is that SMU men's basketball got a win.

Now onto football. Earlier today, I got a credible report second hand that says that former Dallas Cowboys and Georgia Tech head coach Chan Gailey will be named the next head coach of SMU. I will be happy to identify the source if he or she deems it appropriate; until then, credit the same person that caused a thread to be started at Mustangmaniacs.com on the subject. I am not sure I believe it and frankly hope it doesn’t happen. The person that told me this agrees.

I think Chan Gailey would be a terrible hire at SMU for two reasons and neither has anything to do with how well the guy knows the game.

First, Chan Gailey is uninspiring and a boring personality. He doesn’t inspire anybody and he doesn’t try to. Shouldn’t SMU try to hire somebody that will at least try to inspire the fan base a little bit? Chan, not only can’t, he won’t even try. I suggest you read this Atlanta Journal and Constitution blog entry from January.

Gailey is, as has been noted, an odd case. He’s respected enough as a football man to be viewed as a viable head-coaching candidate by not one but two of the NFL’s proudest franchises, and yet he has worked here five years — never having a losing season, never failing to grace a bowl — without having won over his constituency. And if, having just completed the best of the five seasons, he hasn’t done it by now, there’s little chance he will.

Second, ask any Cowboys fan and they will tell you that think Chan Gailey is a joke. Maybe that reputation is not deserved, but it is a fact. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a tad bit of an overlap between the two fan bases and the media markets. Recruits' dads think Chan is a joke. Recruits' coaches think Chan is a joke. The media think Chan is a joke.

Maybe Chan should be a head coach, but I don’t think it should be here and I don’t think it should be now.


Anonymous said...

How about this about Chan from SI's site in College Football Mailbag:

"The Chan Gailey era at Georgia Tech will go down as one of the great mysteries of our time. How could such a proud program stick with a guy for six years, none of which ended with less than five losses? Georgia Tech: You're better than that. You won a national title in 1990. And you actually beat Georgia three straight years under George O'Leary. There's absolutely no reason Georgia Tech shouldn't be doing exactly what Boston College did this year, or Wake Forest last year."

Not exactly a standing ovation for the guy.

Anonymous said...

Chan Gailey next head coach? Who is you credible source? Chan himself? ? ? I guarantee you that will never happen. Not sure who is feeding you this BS

Anonymous said...

SMU sucks why would a great coach like Chan Gailey want to go there anyway.