Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Football Scoop

Okay, don't read  They are terrible. They are almost always wrong.  So why do I mention it?  They say:

SMU: Former Colorado and Northwestern football coach Gary Barnett said Saturday that he would be interested in the opening at SMU.  Other names- Glen Mason and Dan McCarney, Bradley Peveto who is the Linebacker / Special Teams Coordinator at LSU

Glen mason, yada yada yada.  Dan McCarney?  eh.

But Bradley Peveto (LB Coach at LSU) is an interesting name, not as a head coach but as a defensive coordinator candidate, don't you think?  He played for SMU pre-death penalty and his cousin is Caleb Peveto, a senior on this year's team.  Dunno.  Just found the name interesting.

And lord knows we need a special teams coordinator.

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