Friday, November 16, 2007

More on Kragthorpe

The Louisville Courier Journal comments on the Kragthorpe To SMU rumors:

For at least the last 48 hours, the Internet has been crackling with the rumors that Southern Methodist has targeted U of L football coach Steve Kragthorpe as its top choice to become its next football coach.

I repeat -- as far as I know it's Internet speculation at this point.

But as we all know, sometimes these stories grow legs real quick (Bobby Petrino to Auburn). Of course, they often also end up in the discard bin (Billy Donovan to UK, done deal, remember?).

So until the story either develops or dies, I've got three reasons to believe it is at least a possibility and three reasons that it's totally ridiculous.


1. SMU is a bad job. A really bad job. SMU is 1-9 and has allowed at least 40 points in five games. Why would a guy give up a good job at a school in a Bowl Championship Series conference to go back to Conference USA at a job worse than the Tulsa job he left in that league last year?

2. Who quits after one season? Your days on the football fast track would be over. Done. How could he walk away from Tom Jurich, the U of L athletic director that quickly? Good luck, spinning that one.

3. He's already endured a good chunk of the tough times at U of L, establishing his policies and weeding out some players who have not been eager to accept him.


1. A chunk of the U of L fan base turned on Kragthorpe quickly -- and they don't seem inclined to give him a second chance. I've been surprised at the vitriol Kragthorpe has endured all season.

2. As bad as this season has been, next season could be worse. Brian Brohm, Harry Douglas and several other seniors are gone -- and there is talk that a number of underclassmen are ready to follow them out the door.

3. Kragthorpe has ties to the state of Texas. He played at West Texas State and coached at North Texas as well as Texas A&M.

Look, it is highly unlikely this is true. Now, even more so. Now Kragthorpe is going to be asked about it either before or after Louisville's game against the University of South Florida, which he will almost certainly deny. Either way, this is coming to an end real soon.


Anonymous said...

here in arkansas we heard houston nutt is the smu mustangs next coach. what do you hear?

Anonymous said...

the upside for SMU if he leaves after only one year at UL is that he would have to stay at SMU for many years before the stain of a one year gig would fade away.

Having lived in Louisville some time back, I could easily understand the appeal of living in Dallas. Louisville is a dump. Pure and simple dump. A dying town on a polluted river, with matching air. The whole state of Kentucky, while certainly a lovely place to visit, makes Louisiana look sophisticated and modern.

Anonymous said...

Way to trash talk Louisville. Dallas is so extraordinarilly different. Really, you have so many more choices of which TGIFridays you want to visit on any different night. Oh and there's a music scene--oh no that's in Austin. But there's an art scene--oh wait(Austin)...But it's in a red state, um...but it's a REAL BIG RED STATE! Grow up SMU. Better yet, go to the mall.

Anonymous said...

There was a sign held up at the end of the South Florida - West Virginia game that said "West Virginia #1, in incest". Kentucky has to be #2.

And there are more teeth in one house in Dallas than on a whole block in Louisville.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, Louisville is ranked way above Dallas in best places to live. Better weather, less traffic, gorgeous scenery, (and women), and a great arts/cultural scene. I work in Louisville with tons of ex-Texans who prefer Louisville. So shut up and quit showing your ignorance. By the way, we'd love it if you took our crap coach to head up your barely 1-A school. We expect greatness - obviously you are ok with mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in both Louisville and Dallas, I can say honestly that both are an improvement over my current location (California). Louisville is actually a really nice place and I find it funny that Texans are mocking people from Kentucky. Pot meet Kettle.

Anonymous said...

An informal report, admittedly, but the numbers for investment and employment show what you probably don't want to see. Louisville's not dying, we're reborn, and hating on what we were like 'some time back' really doesn't qualify you to talk about what we're like now, does it? So. Close your spew-hole about things you don't know anything about. Although, that would probably keep you from talking about much of anything, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

From Louisville, live outside Nashville, *technically* work in the Carrolton/Addison area (there every few weeks). Dallas has nothing on Louisville, except for size and pro sports. As long as south Dallas exists, you have NO right to call ANY town a dump.

I have a free relo package waiting to move me to Dallas, but we've opted to spend our own $$ to move us back to Louisville. You couldn't pay me to move to Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Latest from Louisville: Kragthorpe asked about SMU job. Check it out!

zz said...

What a joke!

Anyone who has a clue knows the high quality of life we enjoy in Louisville with arts/culture, restaurants, parks, etc. that rivals anything Dallas or much larger towns have.

Yeah, if you want pro sports and a bunch of congestion and high cost of living--Dallas is the place.

And the ancient stupid stereotypes about incest, lack of teeth-- for gods sakes, how utterly ignorant of reality...

Oh, BTW, PLEASE take our Koach!