Sunday, September 11, 2005


Wow. All is right with the world.

What to take from this win:
1. Romo gets the majority of the snaps from now on.
2. Martin gets the majority of the carries.
3. I say we use the spread offense no more than 50% of the time. We have the personnel for a far more traditional offense.
4. We defended the option pretty well; too bad Gunn is slow as dirt.
5. Good game=good crowd.

The Crowd
I don’t know what got into everybody, but I thought the crowd was great. I was surprised in the number of SMU fans and the relatively few TCU fans. I thought there would be 20k wearing purple. My pregame trip to Snuffers led me to believe that would be the case as it was filled with TCU fans.

DeMyron Martin
Adrian Peterson v. TCU: 22 caries for 63 yards (long 11), 1 TD
DeMyron Martin v. TCU: 26 caries for 118 yards (long 13), 1 TD

‘nuff said.

Special Teams
90% of the special teams problems can be solved with better deep snapping. We can’t make those mistakes again.

I always was more of a Romo fan than an Eckert fan. Romo can be a better passer, but he needs the snaps in practice. Pleas give his 75% of the snaps this week. Pleeaase.

What SMU needs to do NOW.

Celebrate. That is right. SMU needs to celebrate this win. This win is important. SMU can make it more so with a little marketing. One of the problems with the Kansas win in 2000 was that it was quickly forgotten.

So what does SMU do? They got a skillet; use it. I’d have Bennett out in front of Dallas Hall on Tuesday morning serving breakfast to the student body. Cheesy? Yes. But it is a good picture and it would be covered. Remind the students and the fans how much fun Saturday night was and how much fun September 24th is going to be. Cheesy? Yes. But it is a good picture and it would be covered and shown on the 6 and 10 o’clock news- I guarantee it.

Second, SMU needs to be planning for Tulane now. Holding no illusions about A&M and the two weeks they have to stew about losing to Clemson and prepare for this game at home, we can maintain some momentum. Beat Tulane and get back to .500.

Partner with the Ticket. Get them out in front of the freshman quad from 6 to 8 again. Turn it into a benefit for the Red Cross; drop off donations; supplies; you name it.

Third, you have to get the stupid thundersticks out to the fans again. And again. Every game. It has to be done.

Funniest sign from Saturday.
I laughed out loud when I saw a sign that said “SMU-TCU Football Parking $10.” And the TCU fans were turning in. I have been going to games at Ford Stadium for six years now and never paid for parking. Everybody I have told this too that missed the game laughed.

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