Tuesday, September 27, 2005

QB Change?

I am scratching my head over the note in today's DMN.
Coach Phil Bennett said a quarterback change is possible and that he's considering simplifying the spread offense.

Trying to figure out what that means. It either means back to Eckert or ... someone else. We can probably rule out Ashton Nixon and the "runnin' with the 'stangs" kid.

That means Phillips, I guess. Or does it mean Willis? Oh, Lord, I hope Bennett isn't thinking of pulling the redshirt off Willis. That would be a sign of desperation. Both Willis and Phillips jives well with the "simplifying the spread offense" comment.

Simplifying the spread offense makes sense. The SMU offense is unnecessarily complicated. Ditch the weird motion plays. Ditch the continual lining up running backs at the wide receiver position. Ditch the swinging gate on extra points. These things aren't fooling anybody other than our own players.

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