Monday, September 26, 2005

I am still dealing with massive computer problems. Something about "crashing" and "hard drive" and "data recovery" from the failed backup. Now, I could swap out the hard drives pretty easily, but the damn computer is still under warranty, which involves shipping the damn thing back to the manufacturer.

Couple of brief thoughts on Tulane:
1) This team was totally unprepared. They just weren't ready to play. They didn't show up. How can anyone argue otherwise?

2) The offense is regressing from peak in the second half of the TCU game. And that offense was working because the coaches cut out the mickey mouse bullshit and lined up and ran the football. This team does not have the personnel to run the ridiculous offense that is in place. This team cannot go 4-wide because the o-line cannot block. IMO, this team needs to line up in the power I with two tight ends.

Bottom 10 in total offense; bottom 15 in passing yards per game; bottom 10 in passing yards per game; bottom 10 in completion percentage; I was stunned to see that there are 28 teams that have statistically worse rushing games than SMU; bottom quarter in scoring.

3) Special teams has to be the worst I have ever seen. Fumbles; bonehead plays; penalties; the stupid swinging gate; missed blocks. We are finding new and creative ways to lose games. And to think, there are several starters playing on special teams. This should not sit well with anybody.

4) You can't tell a damn thing about the defense because the offense and special teams are so inept. It is ridiculous.

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