Monday, July 03, 2006

Indoor Practice Facility

So TCU is going to build an indoor practice facility for football, but "it will be used by all sports." I guess that means Women's Soccer will be allowed to take their team photo there for Title IX purposes.

This falls under the category of "hand-wringing" if that is what you want to do. The first question I had was, "Why?" The reasons I came up with are: (i) new offices and meeting rooms; (ii) secrecy; (iii) climate-control; (iv) inclement weather. The thing is I don't know if the practice facility will be anything other than a "barn" or a hanger;" if you wanted to, you could do something really nice with new training facilities, offices film and meeting rooms, but I don't know if that is part of the plan. As for secrecy, depending on the school, you can just as easily walk over to the stadium and lock everybody else out. As for inclement weather, how many days are we talking about during the season? Weather can't interfere with practice more than a handful of times, if at all. As for the heat, that is a real concern.

Then I started wondering who had a football practice facility? Right now, I think UT is the only one in the state. A&M is building one. I don't think Tech is building one, and nobody else has one.

If you can't tell, I just don't see the need. And it wouldn't matter if I did, there is no room to build one at SMU.


CalallenStang said...

Texas Tech has an indoor practice facility.

Anonymous said...

Many high schools have an indoor facility. It is not that big of a deal, and easily worth it for those "handful" of days where lightning may pose a risk (for athletes in every sport).

Before ranting next time, at least reasearch enough to kind of sound informed.