Friday, July 28, 2006


For the heck of it, I checked out Still one of the most ill-conceived online retail shops I have ever seen. My company sells all the same stuff with its logo on it. Whoever runs this site is clearly a corporate gifts vendor. As a result, SMU athletics is being treated pretty much like your local mortgage broker or plumbing supply company.

The only truly unique item on the site that is new as far as I can tell are jerseys. I don't remember them being sold online before. One problem. I don't think these are accurate replica jerseys. The mustang insignia on the collar isn't there. Also, there is no white piping along the red stripes. In other words, even though they are selling on the "official" SMU site, they are not authentic.

Two questions. When will we be able to buy authentic jerseys? Second, when will we be able to buy the same shirts the coaches wear on the sidelines?


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