Friday, June 30, 2006

And now a story you won't see on Channel 8!

"Save the Kid, not the Car...but please don't sue my ass on the way out.

That is right, this "great charity and worthwhile organization," at least Dale said it was great until a few months ago, is suing Dale Hansen of Channel 8.

I have a love-hate relationship with Dale. Yes, I know he works for Belo and he helped break the whole scandal, but Channel 8's sportscasts are the best IMO. Dale is also obnoxious and opinionated and I used to love that. However, Dale is also extremely full of himself. Frankly, his sports opinions are either self-righteous or generic. It is now becoming clear that he leaves everything on bad terms. Dale left Channel 4 on bad terms; he left the Cowboys on bad terms; he left the Ticket on bad terms; and now he leaves charities on bad terms?

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