Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Buying a car on ebay

Anybody ever bought a car on ebay? I am seriously thinking about it. I have bought a lot of stuff on ebay, but a car would be the biggest purchase by far. I am curious if anybody has ever done it and what their experience was like.

Or, if you know a car dealer that can get me into the local foreign used car auction that would be great.


Anonymous said...

I came close but chickened out. Have a friend that bought a motorcycle and was very pleased with the whole deal including price and condition.

Anonymous said...

I bought a car on eBay. Turned out it was really being auction by Classic BMW. Anyways, drove up to Classic, wrote a check, and picked up the car. Like any transaction... do your homework first. Most of the car sellers on eBay are really dealers of some sort and wouldn't mind you checking out the car ahead of time. If they are independents, treat it like you were buying a car out of the classifieds.

SMUltimedia said...

Def. do your homework. I had a buddy put down the down payment for Yukon and the seller bolted with the money. He tried to follow thru with this legal options and it turned out the guy was in Greece!