Thursday, February 02, 2006

Time to start blogging again

Wow. It has been almost a month. Time to dust off the keyboard and start blogging again. I haven't been posting because:
1) I have little interest in recruiting news, just recruiting results;
2) Not much else going on in SMU football land;
3) Most of what I have to say has been posted on the message board and by the time I think to put something here, it is stale; and
4) I have two kids and they have been sick as dogs and they in turn get my wife sick and then get me sick and then we get them sick. Really, they ought to just put the ET plastic bag over our house.

Anyway, we have a recruiting class to talk about and the news that Copeland is indeed leaving. Also, Bennett got an extension and the staff got raises. Spring ball is a month away.

Time to get back into it. I will have more tomorrow.

Also, The SMU-UAB last play made it into the Homer call of the Week Superbowl on the Ticket. Tune in in two weeks (the 16th) at 12:50 to listen to it one last time and and see if Rich and Craig win the Homer Call of the Year. I heard it again today, it still makes me smile.

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