Friday, February 10, 2006

AD Search Committee Formed

According to today's DMN, a search committee was formed to find a new AD. The usual suspects are on the committee: Gerald Ford, David Miller and Bobby Leach; Turner, Tom Barry (EVP of External Affairs.

Also, the Plano-based search firm of Eastman and Beaudine was hired to help the committee find prospective candidates. Eastman and Beaudine has a website (who doesn't?). The website lists the "recent" searches they have been involved in. It is either very, very recent or not terribly recent because SMU is already on the list. So they either added that yesterday, or the list goes back 11 years. Take your pick. Other schools include Miami, Duke, Navy, Army, Va. Tech, TCU and Vanderbilt. Uh, is Vanderbilt a typo? I thought they didn't have an athletic director?

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