Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SMU Condo Squabble

This Dallas lawyer that is fighting the SMU Condo deal is sounding like a real A-hole. In my opinion, this whole thing is an attempt to stir up as big a shitstorm as possible with the intent to get SMU to settle with him. I like how none of the articles written about this mention that the guy has two rental properties in this complex and actually lives in Coppell. "'They're taking my home,' said Gary Vodicka, ...." Taking your home, my ass.

Article 1.

Now, he is trying to drag Texas Tech and Baylor into this.

Article 2.

No doubt the Baylor and Texas Tech subpoenas will be quickly quashed.

I guess he likes the media attention. I hope somebody in the media asks him about his public repremand in May 2003. I mean, who doesn't get reprimanded and ordered to pay attorneys' fees for continuing to practice law after their license was suspended for failure to pay occupancy taxes?

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