Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tripe in the DMN

From Wednesday's Steve Davis column:

Hands off, ladies

If Dallas-area bachelorettes seem a little sadder these days, maybe it's because SMU football coach Phil Bennett – swell guy, makes good money, dotes on his kids – is off the market.

The Mustangs football coach recently married Julie White, who previously lived in College Station. They met long ago when he was an assistant at Texas A&M, but they never knew each other that well until more recently.

Bennett's family has subsequently doubled in size. He has two children, Sam and Maddie. (His first wife died in 1999.) Now, White's children, Katie and Megan, have joined the extended SMU family.

Katie already has been accepted at Baylor on a soccer scholarship. What does that mean for the new family when it's Bears vs. Mustangs on Sept. 3?

"She's already told me she's going to root for the Mustangs that day," Bennett said.

Oh, dear Lord. There hasn't been a worthwhile story in the DMN on SMU in a month and this is the latest mention? I mean, that is great for Coach Bennett. I am glad he's happy and all that, but do we need the "bachelorette" reference?

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