Monday, July 18, 2005

Lamar Hunt on the Ticket

As I mentioned before I left, BAD Radio on the Ticket had Lamar Hunt in studio today. Obviously, Hunt was there to talk FC Dallas and Pizza Hut Park (blech). You forget what a tremendous life this man has: helped start the AFL; NFL hall of famer; owner of the KC Chiefs; owner of FC Dallas; used to own part of the Chicago Bulls.

But he also played football for SMU for three years and never lettered. At my cajoling, Bob asked Lamar Hunt a question about SMU football, which was basically a generic “What do you think?” question. Hunt’s response was pretty diplomatic. He’s behind Bennett; he’s behind Copeland; likes the move to C-USA; believes SMU will turn it around; thinks the team is moving in the right direction. Generic question; generic response. But what did you expect?

So go out and buy a ticket to a FC Dallas game and put some coin in Hunt’s pocket. Maybe it will trickle down to the Mustang Club.

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