Friday, July 01, 2005

Conference USA

Today, we officially joined Conference USA, even though we stopped WAC play a month ago. Did we really need a countdown? Should we really be that excited?

The fact is we should have joined Conference USA in 2001 when TCU did, but that invitation was not extended. It goes back to the same things. We have not been competitive. We have stumbled upwards into conference USA. Every other school that has joined conference USA can point to something that they bring to the table but SMU. Even Rice has a national championship in the last few years in baseball. The closest thing we have is our men's soccer team.

Joining Conference USA does not make SMU better. We are still the same struggling athletic program we were yesterday. We can, however, treat this conference realignment as an opportunity. Time will tell if we can make the most of it.

By the way, is terrible. I won't link to it. It is filled with generic corporate logo items. For the most part, it isn't even SMU's logo; the arching SMU is not our logo. If it is, I want it changed back. And requiring someone to enter in their e-mail address before viewing the site is ridiculous. I am not looking for things to complain about here; I am just saying it won't work.

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