Wednesday, May 03, 2006

E-bay finds

Yeah, I am working on something for later this week. I meant to already have it done. Truth is I am sick. I caught what my oldest son gave to my youngest son, who in turn, gave it to my wife. As they say, "Strug-gle-ing."

I dig e-bay. Sure, I could point to any number of SMU items, but what fun is that? Get an old jersey, an old program, an old photo of Doak or throwback Dickerson Jersey. Awesome.

Anyway, for the SMU fan that has given up, I suggest this. A KC Royals fan auctioned of all his Royals memorabilia and his "loyalty." The winning bidder gets to pick the seller's new favorite team. Note, if you are an SMU fan and you try this, I will bid and I will win and I will make you a Temple Owls fan.

And then, there is this. The genuine Cobra Kai gi worn by "Bobby" in Karate Kid. Bobby uttered the famous line, "Get him a body bag!" Greatness. It brings a tear to my eye. BTW, if the Cobra Kai did need a body bag, they could get them here in bulk. Buy American.


Anonymous said...

I bid on the auction, of course, and I intend to make him an SMU fan.

smu96 said...

I hope y'all feel better soon!