Wednesday, February 22, 2006

SMU Condo Fight Round I

The Latest on the SMU Condo lawsuit. The DMN article says round one went to Mr. Vodicka, but I don't see it that way.
Visiting Judge M. Kent Simms granted Mr. Vodicka's request in civil district court to inspect all 347 condos within University Gardens. Mr. Vodicka will have a total of 90 days – three 30-day increments – to complete the inspection. He must inspect a third of the total at a time. When he's finished each increment, the university can begin prepping those units for demolition.

First, I seriously doubt Mr. Vodicka has any intention of getting an engineering report. Obviously, for Mr. Vodicka, this is about money. Is Vodicka really going to spend his own money for an engineering report on a condomimium complex that he does not want to keep and will be torn down anyway?

Second, SMU still gets to demolish the place. The demolition is what is really important. The lawsuit will not significantly delay the demolition of of the condos, which is a good thing. This is not a political issue. It doesn't matter if the site is for the Bush Library or something else; it is important that SMU does what it wants to with the property it owns.

Finally, to relate this to SMU football, SMU was represented by the GREAT (I mean it) and loyal Mustang John McElhaney. McElhaney goes to the football games; he goes to the basketball games. McElhaney has represented SMU in various ways for more than twenty years. FYI, McElhaney represented SMU during the NCAA investigations in the 80's. Yes, those investigations. He is probably as good and as ethical lawyer as you are going to get.

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