Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Where the [BLANK] have you been?

Thanks to the legions of fans that have asked where I have been lately. OK, so it was one guy. And he may or may not have been looking for money. Anyway, I have been around, but work and home have kept me away from the computer for long stretches at a time.

Anyway, some scattershooting:

Here is a semi-interesting read from CSTV. There is also a lot of lamenting the death of the Southwest Conference these days:

Coach Phil Bennett, an SWC player and coach who is 6-29 at SMU, said the breakup was more of a concern when he was hired than the death penalty. It's a view shared by others.

"The death penalty is something you can overcome in a couple years," James said, "but you can't overcome being left out of the Big 12."

Again, there is talk, big talk from the AD of Houston. I'd kill for Copeland to talk like this-like winning is important.

SMU got its first two commitments. I thought about posting that recruiting had clearly stalled when the camps ended with zero commitment. 99% of us have never seen these kids play, so I will reserve judgment. The Baylor game will be huge. SMU needs to win or recruiting may be finito for 2005-06.

Quite possibly my favorite thing about SMU football is no more. If you didn't know, there will be no more "Coffee with the Coach." I loved eating donuts and listening to Bennett the Thursday before every home game. They have been replaced with a lunch at Letterman Hall that will cost you $50 for the year. Whether this was done for financial reasons (doubtful) or to increase attendance, I don't know. I do know I probably won't get to go. I live and work in the far north end of the metroplex so making down to SMU for a lunch is damn near impossible. Unlike so many SMU fans who whine about everything, I am not going to bitch about this decision. I have no doubt it was done for a good reason; I am just personally a little disappointed I can't go. And even if I could, I wouldn't post what Bennett said here because I want Bennett to be honest with the fans at those events.

Please beat Baylor.

Take a listen to Hayden Frye HERE. He confirms the long thought rumor that Iococca named the Mustang for the SMU football team. Glad to have that question answered and even happier to know it is true.

Sports Illustrated is the only college football anything I have seen that predicts SMU to finish anywhere other than dead last in C-USA West. SI picks SMU 5th ahead of Rice. SI picks both to finish 3-8, but SMU with three conference wins and Rice with only two; presumably that means they think SMU beats Rice this year. Article also briefly mentions Bennett as the coach on the hot seat. I personally put Hatfield on the hot seat every bit as much as Bennett.

I'll post more this week, I promise.

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