Friday, August 12, 2005


From today's DMN:
UNIVERSITY PARK – In the team's first scrimmage, three running backs – Cedrick Dorsey, Richuel Massey and DeMyron Martin (Allen) – had long runs and hit the holes. Most of the running backs are getting snaps with the first-team offense. Third-string quarterback Chris Phillips had his best session of camp Thursday night by completing passes in traffic and finding open receivers.

Calvin Watkins

Any day Phillips has a good day, I think is a good day. I like Phillips and want him to succeed. That being said, if he is not the best quarterback, then he is not the best quarterback and should not start.

There are some that talk about his potential, but let’s be honest, his potential is based on raw athleticism. To be a quarterback, you have to be able to throw the ball. Phillips has not shown he can consistently do that (not that he has had too many opportunities).

Phillips needs to work himself into the quarterback mix better than he has been doing. If not for this year, than for 2006. We can’t go into 2006 with a redshirt freshman Willis and Phillips who has been sitting on the shelf for two years as the only options at quarterback. In an ideal world, Phillips shows he can be a capable backup this year and gets on the field in a few games and be ready to start full time in 2006.

If the coaching staff has convinced themselves that Phillips is not going to be a quarterback, then they better be working on two things. First, they better be working on a plan to bring in another quarterback to start in 2006. Second, they better be working to get Phillips on the field in 2005 at another position. The guy is simply too good an athlete to keep on the bench.

As for the running backs, we all want the same thing. Somebody go out and win the starting job and fight like hell to keep it.

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