Friday, September 05, 2014

Weekend predictions

If I had to guess:

Northwestern State will gain more that 67 yards on Baylor. Northwestern State will score.  

SMU will play better Saturday. SMU will lose. This is a big game for NTSU. I don't think June is aware of this fact. I don't think June cares one way or the other.

I like Rick Hart. That being said, I don't understand why SMU starts a home and home against NTSU at their place. They want to play SMU more than SMU wants to play them. Period. NTSU should be playing at SMU.  SMU made this mistake before. It went the same way as I recall and a Bennett-led SMU team lost at NTSU. 

One final thought:

Back in 2005, SMU lost to a poor Baylor team 28-23. Baylor wasn't very good then (they went 5-7 that year). Many people thought amu might actually win that game.  Phil Bennett was the coach 2 seasons removed from 0-12. The same day, TCU beat OU. People forget that TCU once sucked and before that OU game had a nice string of competitive (mostly winning) seasons beating up on WAC C-USA and Mountain West teams (prior wins vs a BCS conference opponent were 2 win Vandy and 3 win Iowa State in 1998 and 2 win each Arizona and Vandy in 2003). 

My recollection is that the SMU community/message boards were apoplectic and wanted Bennett's mustachioed head. I randomly threw out the line "Watch, SMU will beat TCU and we will all look like a-holes." 

This NTSU game feels like that TCU game to me now. [Insert comment about how sad and pathetic that is here. That being said, this game is on the road and I don't think it happens. 

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