Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dan Morrison to call plays.

So June's gone. When I first heard the news, right after I got off my knees thanking the good Lord, I had so many questions. 

One of those questions has been answered. Dan Morrison will call plays. 

So the former Hawaii high school coach is going to call plays. How is that going to work?

I don't mean substantively. I mean mechanically. Dan Morrison hasn't been on the sideline of a game for 10+ years. 

For years, we have witnessed the QB sashaying to the sideline after every play, getting the play call from June and then going back to the huddle, announce the play and get to the line of scrimmage with six seconds left. 

Is Morrison going to move to the sideline?  Or is he going to radio the call to the sideline from the booth?  if so, to who?  A coach? Another QB?  

What is a Dan Morrison called game like?  June never seemed like the guy who wanted a lot of input. 

Honestly, this mess right here is why I had little interest in removing June until the end of the season. 

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