Friday, December 29, 2006

OU whips SMU 69-42

Well, that wasn't much fun. At least the DMN sent Katie Papadapoulous to cover the game.

All this game proves is that the men's basketball team is that this team isn't going to have some kind of miracle season. Nor should one have been expected. This is still the team from last year minus its best player. The coaching is better, for sure, but the talent isn't there to compete night in and night out. I said before the season started that .500 was the best anybody could reasonably expect. SMU is better than that and may very well be the team nobody in Conference USA wants to play come conference tournament time. That in itself will be a successful season.

Listening to Doherty, however, reveals that he would punch me in the face for saying that.

"We got to learn from this," Doherty said. "I really don't care about Saturday's game [against North Carolina A&T]. I care about finding a toughness in our team. If that means running the heck out of them in practice tomorrow, that's what I'll do. We've got to be tougher or otherwise we're just pretending to be a good team."

I don't envy the players today, but I envy where I think Doherty is going to take them eventually.

Happy New Year.

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Are you going to have to change the name of your blog since you are discussing basketball so much?