Wednesday, December 20, 2006

George Lynch

Matt Doherty added George Lynch to his staff as "administrative assistant/graduate manager."

Administrative assistant?

"Hey, George. I know you were the twelfth overall pick by the Lakers in 1993, but will you make a copy and fax this? Great. Thaaanks."

In other basketball news, the Dallas Morning News has the following uncomfortable headline for the SMU women's basketball team's victory over Detroit in Mexico: "SMU Women have good time in Cancun." Apparently, they went wild.

Finally, tomorrow is the SMU-TCU men's basketball game in Fort Worth. TCU is bad but probably better than a lot of teams SMU has beaten to date. In my opinion, this is an important game for SMU and for Matt Doherty. After all, it is the rivalry. SMU coaches have in the past lost games that really matter to the SMU fan. This will be an important game to determine if Doherty "gets it." I think he does; everything we have seen to date says as much.


Anonymous said...

CSTV is the most pitiful excuse for a sports network I can imagine. Perhaps ESPN with all its flaws has spoiled us all.

Last night I turned it to watch a college basketball game - there was nothing else to watch - and they had one on alright EXCEPT it was LAST YEAR's Marshall - George Washington game. How pathetic is that? And, am I the only one that thinks that network is turning into the Marshall network like NBC becomes the Notre Dame network ? Marshall, Marshall, Marshall - all the damn time. Football games - why Monday night they replayed this past season's Marshall - Tulane game (football game that is). It is enough to make you want to puke. And it is darn sure not worth the four bucks a month you pay extra to get it on cable.

When I tune in tomorrow to watch SMU - TCU, I will probably get a two year old Marshall game.

Anonymous said...

After the 22nd the Marshall hype will slow down.