Friday, August 26, 2005

Thoughts and Preview

First thing first, hats off to the folks at for a terrific Season Preview. They do a good job over there and they deserve the credit for doing the work I neither have the time nor the patience for.

Two things jump off the page/screen at me: First, the "two starting quarterbacks" comments. I am a firm believer in the old adage "If you have two starting quarterbacks, then don't really have any starting quarterbacks." Bennett knows who is going to start and I think he plans on starting him every game; he just wants the opponents to plan for both because Eckert is a better drop back passer and Romo is a better scrambler. Someone on the message board said to put all three in the game at the same time. I am all for it. We did see two quarterbacks on the field at the same time on occasion last year-Romo lined up as wide receiver and (I think) halfback for at least one play. And keeping Phillips on the bench all year is a complete waste of athletic ability. All these kids can play; get them on the field.

The other thing is the the unanimous response to the question "What is the biggest game of the year?" Baylor. Putting aside for a moment that we've slipped to the point that Baylor is the biggest game of the year, from the coaches to the players, they are exactly right. Baylor is the first game. Baylor is the first home game. Baylor is the first winnable game. Baylor is the first must win game of the season. Everything flows from this one game. And wow, it is just eight days away.

So everybody but Columbus Givens is redshirting. Good to hear on several fronts. I keep hearing Columbus Givens is quite a talent and it is nice to know there are players that can force their way onto the field; I hope it is true. Also good to know that Bennett thinks he can afford to redshirt everybody. And it is good to know Bennett is not willing to put short term gain ahead of the long term development of the team.

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