Monday, August 29, 2005

Game Week Feature: Dooby's Baylor Joke of the Day

Here is my pal Dooby who is getting tired of the Baylor fans hooking up their 56k modems or using the internet at the Waco public library to post at
Thanks, Blog. At first I tried to ignore the Baylor fans, but I have officially had enough. This year, their seven game losing streak starts early. Here is today's joke:

A Baylor student was visiting a Yankee relative in Boston over the holidays. He went to a large party and met a pretty co-ed. He was attempting to start up a conversation with the tired line "Where do y'all go to school?"

The co-ed, of course, was not overly impressed with his grammar or southern drawl but did answer his question.

"Yale," she replied.

The Baylor student took a big deep breath and shouted, "WHERE DO Y'ALL GO TO SCHOOL!?"

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