Sunday, June 19, 2005

Twelth Game-A different take

So, there is now a 12th game in every season. In addition, a I-AA game can count toward bowl eligibility in every year. I assumed this was a good thing for the SMU's of the world. I concede I really didn't think of it this way.

The flipside: The new criteria also could mean even more scheduling headaches for smaller-stadium and mid-major programs as the wealthier I-A's turn toward signing less-feared opponents for smaller guarantees.

...[T]he programs with the 30 largest stadiums in I-A could net an extra payday worth between $2 million and $3 million.

Long story short, the rich (BCS) get richer, the non-BCS get poorer. Oh, and if schools have the choice of scheduling SMU or Sam Houston, they are gonna pick Sam Houston, and now there is no impedement to doing so every year. Thus, scheduling for the non-BCS Div. I-A schools just got tougher.

I agree that we can expect SMU to be playing six at home and six on the road. Don't look for seven home games any time soon.

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