Sunday, June 26, 2005

College Football Preview Mags Survey

After reading through all the college football preview magazines, I am sad to report that every single one of them picks SMU last in the division.

  • Dave Campbell-Last in Conference USA;
  • Street & Smith-Last in Conference USA;
  • Lindy's-Last in Conference USA West, 10th overall behind UCF and ECU;
  • Athlon-Last in Conference USA West;
  • Phil Steele-Last in Conference USA West.

What does this mean? Well, nothing in the grand scheme of things. But it does show you the kind of faith that people have in this program right now.

I would characterize the articles on SMU as overly generic. There is nothing in any of them that you can't learn by reading the prospectus. There is some weird story from Rich Phillips in the Dave Campbell magazine. Weird in that the story is from 2001 recalling a conversation between Rich and Cavan about Shanderick Charles. Huh?!?

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