Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coach Watch Day 44

Orsini speaks!!!!!!!!!!! Out of deference to the ponyfans website, I am linking to a summary rather than reposting here. That way they get the ad revenue. I don't get ad revenue so I don't care.

Orsini also made a blog entry.

I know some of you may be frustrated with the lack of news and information out there, but a coaching search is unlike anything else we do. It has always been my experience that these searches are best conducted quietly. Again, I know that may frustrate the message boards, bloggers and even the DMN, but right now I can only focus on getting the best available coach to the Hilltop.

If that was directed at me, then I will take it. I still think Orsini can be more open than he is being. That won't change until a coach is hired. Note that I have never said, "Orsini needs to hire a coach now!" Orsini knows the stakes. I have only said Orsini needs to be aware of the mindset of the SMU fan today as the longest coaching search in the nation and school history drags on. He also needs to realize he controls the news only at one end and most news that he doesn't control, if it gets out, is bad (Johnson going to GT, for example).

Listening to the radio on my way to lunch, a friend said we learned nothing from that interview with Norm Hitzges. I corrected him. Yes, we did. We learned SMU isn't going to hire anybody this week.


Anonymous said...

First Orsini, now you SMU football blogger? We've had a two day lapse in your blog -- with absolutely no comment.

Seriously, I enjoy reading the blog. I really believe Orsini will get the right guy out there. But it's hard to be patient.

SMU could give a serious raise to Mike Leach, Mark Mangino, Bret Bielema, June Jones, and many others. Though a lot might think SMU a "step down" from those schools, never underestimate a coach wanting to make the big bucks. I think this is exactly what Orsini has up his sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Orsini is now going after the "best coach available" whereas in November he was going after the best coach. Go back to his DMN blog responses shortly after firing the entire coaching staff and look at the description of what he wants in a coach. Not sure that's "available" anymore. Also, he said back then that he was firing Phil early to get a jump on everyone else. To make a choice sooner than later. Now he says he's right where he wants to be and wanted to be all along? Who is he kidding! I guess if he and Vaught can do the recruiting they can do the coaching, too.