Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Next Year's Schedule

On the message boards at Mustang Maniacs, Scott Farrell let's us know that next year's nonconference schedule is set. Texas State; @ Texas Tech; TCU; and @ Navy. I know some people don't like scheduling I-AA, errr Championship Subdivision teams, but I think it is integral to getting SMU going and will indeed help SMU recruit a head coach. I have previously discussed scheduling here and here (I swear I have talked about it more than that but I can't find the posts, but whatever).

I know some people want SMU to play USC, Notre Dame, Texas and LSU, under the guise that SMU is in a weak conference and needs to play up. I disagree. SMU needs wins. I think last year was exciting in part because of the Sam Houston win. If that Sam Houston win was a hypothetical Florida State loss, the season would have had a quite different feel.


Anonymous said...

That is a completely reasonable non-conference schedule. Until we can demonstrate an ability to play with the NTSUs and Arkansas States of the world consistently, scheduling a d-1aa patsy is the only thing that will inject any hop into an otherwise dismal forecast.


Anonymous said...

I approve of the schedule for next year in order to improve the record and build confidence. However, any self respecting C-USA team should be able to beat any Sunbelt conference team. For that reason, I like the idea of UNT on the schedule rather than a 1-AA team. Plus, you do not have to sweat bowl eligibility at the end of the year.

I have also thought that if you want to pad the record, schedule Duke or Minnesota or Iowa State or Akron or Temple. Looks good, requires some effort, but a win is a win.

Anonymous said...

Get Tech off the schedule! Especially games in Lubbock!

If they want to come here and sell out our stadium, fine. But we don't match up athletically with them. We used to be able to hang with them a little bit, but their athletes are getting better and better every year.

It makes no sense to get blown out by Tech. It leaves us beat up physically and mentally. If we're going to schedule Big12 at all, it needs to be Baylor.