Thursday, June 21, 2007

AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies -- 10th Anniversary Edition

Behold the confusing title of a 10th anniversary edition of a list recognizing movies over the last 100 years. I suppose that sounds better than 110 years ... 100 movies. Here is the AFI list.

Because of my confusing SMU education which included a double major in film and political science, and my own interest, I have seen 91 of 100 of the movies on the list. I have seen parts of an additional 3. And hey, I admit seeking out the movies on the list when it first came out to fill in the gaps.

Anyway, Forrest Gump has no business being on that list. BladeRunner has no business being on that list. Do the Right Thing has no business being on that list; Boyz N The Hood is infinitely better. I can make an argument for the Sixth Sense. The General is too low. Godfather Part II is too low. Fellowship of the Ring is not the best film of that series. Empire Strikes Back isn't there. I refer to Roger Ebert regarding the Graduate: (I am paraphrasing here) That movie is not nearly as good as I remember it.)

As you can tell, I am posting again. Part of that is a decision to just post anything I am interested in, which includes movies, food, other sports, as well as SMU. I am going to avooid politics as best I can because some people can't handle a rational discussion.

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Alex said...

How can Amadeus not make the list? Shame.