Friday, October 24, 2014

Your buddy has a girlfriend....

... And they have dated for a long time.  She's good looking and great in almost every way. He complains about her constantly. In fact, lots of people in your circle have complained about her for years. Some of the complaints are nonsense; some have merit.  They finally break up. 

People start suggesting you should date her. But you have been listening to these complaints for years. Do you have reservations? Of course. 

And people wonder why SMU may be reluctant to hire Mack Brown . 

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Anonymous said...

I WANT MACK BROWN! PERIOD! GOOD GOD.....THE MAN KNOWS Texas high school football better than ANYONE else in the state! He would bring relevance and credibility to our program immediately! We need to pay him whatever it takes and then step away and let the man hire the best and brightest assistants he can should NOT be an impediment! Period! We are in serious trouble and only a "Larry Brown type" is going to rescue our football program!