Wednesday, October 29, 2014

June Jones emerges to expose just what a fraud he is

June offers a vague interview with SI and basically admits he quit just to quit. Says he wasn't sleeping well. What college administrator in his or her right mind would hire someone who says they quit the last job because he wasn't sleeping well?

He says he was trying to do too much. But I can't imagine what that was. The guy went to Hawaii last year the week before national signing day. That isn't "working too hard" for a college coach, by definition. 

He says the SMU job " It will be tough for the next guy, too." If "tough" means expected to put in the average number of hours to be a college coach and hire a competent staff, then this job is "tough."

Only at SMU is a coach not required to justify a lack of results and vaguely respond that a job is hard without specifics and get away with it. 

June went to four bowl games, winning three, sent double digit number of kids to the NFL, a majority of which he inherited. His own success proves his statements wrong. His failures are at his feet, not SMU's. 

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with everything you have said! I am SOOO glad to be RID of Jones! I jumped for joy when I saw on social media that he had resigned!
I used to get soooo pissed when I'd watch one of our games and see him in those damn BLACK shirts! WTH?????? Our colors are RED and BLUE NOT Black and Red! I even sent him and AD Hart tweets saying stuff like "Wrong school, Jones! Red and black would be UGA!"
I sure hope the A.D. and President get LOTS of mail, texts, calls, tweets etc regarding this position and hopefully they will listen.....THANK GOD WE HAVE A GREAT COACH WITH OUR BASKETBALL PROGRAM.....I'M IN LOVE WITH LARRY BROWN!