Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yeah, I quit writing this thing. I have too much going on right now to blog full-time or even semi-full time. However, I can't let yesterday's TCU-SMU game go by without comment. I went to that game and saw a sorry excuse for a football team get out hustled, outworked, out game planned, out coached and outclassed.

I have been generally supportive of Bo Levi Mitchell over Justin Willis or anybody else. I questioned fro Day 1 whether Willis could fit in as QB in Jones's system. Last night was a deal breaker for me. The interception of a shuffle pass by a defensive tackle was too much to take. You can't tell me Justin Willis can't do everything Coach Jones wanted BLM to do in the TCU game.

Note to Coach Jones: If you don't trust BLM to throw the ball 10 yards down the field, then you don't trust him to run your system. If you don't trust BLM to run your system, then get somebody who can or get somebody who can run whatever watered down system you are throwing out there now. Two picks thrown to defensive linemen is too much to bear. That was freakin' nonsense.

Another message to Coach Jones: I don't know if you knew this, but you were hired for the express purpose of preventing crap like last night from happening. I wasn't expecting a miracle season this year. I was expecting a team that was well prepared, well coached, with the right mindset, high energy, played hard, with a good game plan and confidence that at the right time during the game, the right decision would be made. I saw none of that, and the fact that it happened against TCU only makes it worse. That really was an embarrassment all the way around.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I was born and raised in Dallas, but graduated from Newcomb (Tulane).

As a greenwave fan: I feel your pain. We are paying Bob Toledo $600,000. June Jones is quite a bit more expensive and so you are expecting to get what you pay for. and pronto at that.

I've been watching the greenwave through so many pathetic seasons and we never had a death penalty to use as an excuse. So I feel I speak on authority.

Well, Katrina, but I digress.

You can't ever forget: the players are kids who are playing for free.

So put it into perspective and don't let a bad game wear down your enthusiasm for your team.

It's just a game. and you are supposed to enjoy it for fun.

See y'all in the Big Easy on Thursday and cheers to a good game.

dude said...

Hey,I feel your pain but its year one. I've been looking at the recruiting class and I can only say,Things are truly looking up.I believe June Jones will make the positive turn for SMU.
My only comment would be SMU needs to have defensive coordinator with a reputation.Of course June will get his share of offensive talent but he needs a name and the know how to get the defensive talent thats in Dallas area.I believe this will take SMU to next level. With a shut defense there is no limit to what SMU can do with the recruiting grounds SMU has in Texas.I cannot wait to see the day when I see SMU wins the battle of recruiting from Oklahoma,TU,Texas A&M and other top ten programs.I believe this time will be coming soon.In some cases, it has already begun.

Anonymous said...

Pretty retarded blog IMO - if you dont appreciate Coach Jones or see what he is trying to build then you obviously don't understand football. His run and shoot offense is very easy on paper but very difficult to learn on the field in the heat of the game. Coming down on the players because of 2 botched shuffle passes is ridiculous. They are NOT just shuffle passing you moron, they are reading the offense and scanning the recievers before they decide on shuffle passing. It is a much more complicated play than it looks. The boys need time to pick up their speed - esp the QB - so STFU and stop mouthing like you know what you're talking about. You are lucky to have Coach Jones - I'm sure Hawaii would love to have kept him.

Anonymous said...

Oh and also - Coach Jones is NOT calling you a shuffle pass in case you DONT UNDERSTAND THAT - the QB is reading the offense and choosing his options based on the coverage - go crack open a football book before you open your trap.

Anonymous said...

I've watched two of the four games so far, and I see a lot promise. Jones is purposefully playing his younger guys so they learn from their mistakes, and mature into the solid building blocks he'll need to win later. In other words, he's sacrificing wins this season, to build a team that can dominate in the future. Part of that is watching them make mistakes.

Look at the incoming recruiting class and you'll see there is a lot of talent coming in next year to fill some of the obvious gaps. I expect this team to have a winning record by BLM's junior year, and a bowl berth his senior year.

If I have a concern its the defense. While Jones has recruited some potential studs on offense, the defense looks slow and undersized. It doesn't matter how good your game plan is if your boys consistently get beaten 1 on 1. Hopefully the coaching staff is paying a little extra attention to improving the defensive squad next season. said...

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