Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Coach Watch Day 66- Post-New Year?s Day Edition

Well, now that June Jones doesn’t have a job to do, we can start watching planes again.  If it isn’t Jones, I assume it has to be a hodgepodge of readily available coaches, former coaches and assistants.  I still have a hard time believing June Jones is leaving Hawaii, but I will put that aside for a moment.

Hawaii got rolled in the Sugar Bowl.  Would it have been cool if Hawaii won and June Jones became the SMU head coach?  Sure.  Does the loss mean anything?  No.  The Hawaii 31 point loss to Georgia wasn’t the biggest blowout of this year’s bowl season and wasn’t even the biggest point disparity of New Year’s Day.  I would have liked to have seen Hawaii be more competitive, but so what?  June Jones did what only Urban Meyer and Chris Petersen have done: taken a non-BCS team to a BCS bowl game.  Heck.  The list of coaches that haven’t taken a team to a BCS bowl game is pretty long and a lot of those coaches have been routed in bowl games, too.

June Jones now appears to be contemplating his future:

From the above article, there are a few things you should take away.  

First, June Jones’ contract has now expired, which is significant for a couple of reasons.  Coaches in the last year of their contracts is virtually unheard of in college athletics; the mere fact that it has gotten to this point between June Jones and Hawaii should raise questions about the true extent of the relationship between June Jones and his alma matter.  Also, because June Jones is no longer under contract, there is no buyout; June Jones can walk away from Hawaii for nothing.

Second, related to above, Jones and Hawaii haven’t even discussed a contract.  As much as Jones has complained about facilities, commitment, carpet in his office, pay for his assistants, can June Jones effectively negotiate a contract with a state school for both a raise and resolve these other issues?

Third, “Jones has said he will "disappear" for a week to contemplate his future. The team returns to Honolulu this afternoon, and Jones said he will spend time in Kona.”  This is both good and bad.  Bad in that Jones has, apparently, returned to Hawaii.  Logic dictates that June Jones isn’t going to take the SMU job without seeing the facilities.  While it is true Hawaii has played SMU in Ford Stadium while Jones was coach, that was in 2001.  It is good in the sense that he will spend some time away from the team to get this resolved.  The fact that this could also take another week to resolve itself is depressing.


Anonymous said...

I find it encouraging that Leigh Steinberg is his agent, and not some shyster. At least Orsini can negotiate in good faith and get an honest answer. Steinberg's history as an agent is good, too. He typically does not have his clients jump around.

Troy said...

The SMU Daily Campus is reporting that SMU is only giving Jones 72 hours to decide.

Drew said...

June Jones would be a great pick for SMU - there aren't many others out there that may be as impressive as Jones and actually consider coming to Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting SMU development...

Anonymous said...

Actually JJ's contract "Officially" expires on June 30th, 2008.

But we have an A.D. known to miss deadlines (ie. 2007 Football Schedule (thus our weak schedule), 2007 hiring of the men's BBall Coach after LOI day, etc)

If JJ is not signed, our AD will be the most hated guy in the state.

Funny that SMU wants JJ when one of your most favorite Alum, Craig James, has nothing good to say about the Hawaii Team and it's "SYSTEM" the JJ Employs.

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Anonymous said...

Alums at SMU know better than to pay any attention to the gold plated jackass - Craig James.

I wish he would drop the nickname Pony. It is humiliating for SMU.

Coach Holmes said...

Well that all sounds great but, the truth be told that June Jones is a Great coach and If the money is not right in Hawaii he should "THINK ABOUT SMU?" But, SMU is a hard job to take and a Big Name Coach will not save SMU...I applied also for the job and am willing to take a GIANT PAY cut to show the College Nation that SMU can win and you don't have to be a BIG NAME to do so....Just know X's and O's....AND A TRUE LOVE FOR THE GAME AND THE KIDS??? I'm just saying