Thursday, June 28, 2007


I want to go on record with the iphone. I like to think I do a pretty good job of identifying the next big thing in electronics.

The iphone is going to change everything. I have been intrigued by this thing since it was announced at MacWorld. BTW, I don't even own a Mac. It is going to be the no. 1 Christmas gift this year. You aren't going to be able to find them. If you think you are going to get one for someone as a Christmas gift, I recommend buying the first one you see.

Like the ipod, it just makes sense. It is intuitive. It just works. You can find an MP3 player cheaper than an ipod or that does certain things better, but the ipod is just a vastly superior product.

Maybe it won't replace your blackberry, but it will replace your ipod and phone. That is enough for me.

We live in a time when two of the most significant consumer products in the next 10 years have come out within 12 months of eachother. The wii and iphone. Both had industry experts scoffing at them. Both will prove those experts completely wrong.

That being said, I am not rushing to the store to buy one today. But I know I am getting one. I already have Cingular so that isn't an issue. And the rate plans are surprisingly reasonable to me.

Last night, I watched this and this.

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The season is just around the corner. Any information on SMU football for this year? Should I be excited about our team?