Tuesday, April 03, 2007


There is some discussion about uniforms lately. Yes, there is a push to make the colors throughout the athletic department consistent (as well as the University as a whole). But there are a couple of things to consider.

First, SMU has one more year on its Nike contract. That isn't to say the uniforms cannot change. It does mean that if next year SMU switches to Under Armour or Adidas or Reebok, the uniforms will have to change again, at least subtly. For example, Nike is the only company doing piping on the jerseys right now.

Rumor is Adidas wants SMU bad. That may be soccer related. I don't know. I do know kids like Nike. I have a hard time believing Coach Doherty wants anything else.

Second, Bennett apparently really likes the blue helmet. It is his baby. I hated the blue helmet at first. The current blue helmet with red mustang outlined in silver is improved over the original non-outlined mustang version. I still prefer the white helmet with red mustang. But if they change the helmets to green with pink mustangs and SMU wins, nobody is going to care.

So, in brief, expect no major changes this year.

And for the record, the administration doesn't think "2008: New Coach, New Unis, New Attitude!" is very funny.


Anonymous said...

Those blue helmets are awful. Always have been. Always will be. To see what a sharp uniform SMU could have, take a look at the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.
then select Calgary.

SMU Football Blog said...

Looking into it.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the administration isn't touting "Look we have a new field & uniforms so we're goning to have a great season in 2008!"

David said...

When I was a kid in late 50's/early 60's SMU had a punter/quarterback that is still the best punter I have ever seen. Can anyone help me out with his name?

dude said...

Bring back the classic white helmets and uniforms.