Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekly roundup

SMU barely beat Brown and lost a buzzer-beater to open conference play against Southern Miss. Here is the DMN's version.

Bennett received the American Football Coaches Association's 2006 Academic Achievement Award on behalf of SMU. SMU recorded a 100 percent graduation rate when all members of its freshman class of 2000-2001 earned a degree.

The picture is a little hard to make out, but did Bennett shave the 'stache?

The big football news is coming out of Tulsa and Rice today after former Tulsa Defensive Coordinator Todd Graham became the former head coach of Rice today, just a couple of days after receiving a contract extension. The Rice folks are apoplectic.


Anonymous said...

I particularly loved the Rice guy who could not understand why Major Applewhite would rather be a QB coach at Alabama rather than an OC at Rice. I thought Rice grads were supposed to be smart.

Frankly, I think that perhaps we should forward Bennett's resume to them.

Oh well, those Rice posters will be dead or in nursing homes dribbling oatmeal on themselves before Rice goes to another bowl game anyway. They should get over themselves. I can hardly wait to see who they hire next. With that rundown relic of a football stadium, I am sure the candidates are lining up now.

Anonymous said...

Let’s see…the SMU basketball team came back to earth with a blow-out loss at OU, home losses to NC A&T and So Miss, and a convincing loss at Houston. Oh, I forgot, they did bet a very bad Brown team at home, but it took OT to do it...Brown is currently ranked #244 by Sagarin.

SMU will not go the NIT this year, not that I was expecting it, but that 10-1 start did get me wondering…silly me, I have witnessed this for so long, why would I think things should change now.

Of course PB is doing another bang-up job in recruiting. Rivals currently ranks our class #85, tied with football stalwarts Colorado State and Western Michigan. What a failure PB has been. Debate that all day, but as time goes on, he cannot hide from his W-L record, and even that is misleading. Most wins have been against cupcake opponents. By my account, SMU has had only 2 quality wins in the 5-year PB era, TCU and UTEP.

Yes, all is well in SMU athletic land!!

Anonymous said...

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