Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cowlishaw Chat

Three SMU related questions in the Tim Cowlishaw chat today:

rooster: Why won't Texas schedule SMU in football?

Tim Cowlishaw: They fear Phil Bennett. No, seriously, what good would scheduling SMU do? They win by 40 points, SMU brings no fans to Austin. And the Longhorns certainly wouldn't do a home and home unless maybe the Dallas game would be played in the new stadium at Arlington. I would like to see SMU play more teams from Texas. Getting crushed by the Longhorns wouldn't do the Ponies any good.

Roy L.: When will SMU recover from the Death Penalty? In 100 years maybe?

Tim Cowlishaw: Ah, it's good to see Brett Daniels weighing in with a question. It's not when they recover, it's when they stop using it as an excuse. Bennett finally got it going at the end of last year, and we'll see if that's for real at all this fall. And I think Matt Doherty is a very good hire, given the arena and lack of prominence of SMU basketball these days. So at least there's a ray of hope.

GaryM: While I understand your theory that UT has nothing to gain by scheduling SMU, what do they gain by beating the snot out of La.-Lafayette? Don't they, like most other big-time programs, annually schedule at least one patsy to come in and be splayed before the big crowd while receiving a big check? Why not keep the money at home, massacre a Mustang once in a while?

Tim Cowlishaw: No love for the Screamin' Demons? Wait, that's Northwestern State in Natchtoches, City of Lights. What's Lafayette? Still Ragin' Cajuns? If you want Texas to beat up the Mustangs once in place of this team, I will put in a call to DeLoss.

I don't understand the fascination some people have with playing Texas. It has little interest to me other than SMU should always have one tough team on the schedule. So adding Texas to the schedule means nothing to me unless Texas Tech or A&M got dropped. Same goes for USC, Notre Dame and anybody else.

Blogger/blogspot isn't working well today. I don't even know as I type this whether it will post or not. If you read it, yes, it does, and if you don't, no it doesn't. Or somesuch.


Anonymous said...

The most publicity TCU has received is when they beat OU. An SMU win would be huge, IF IT WAS POSSIBLE.

SMU Football Blog said...

True. If "if's" and "but's" were candy and nuts,...

After we go to seven bowl games in eight years, I will be happy to schedule them to receive such accolades. Until then, however, we have no business believing we are going to step up to that level, even if just for a day.

Anonymous said...

I am a strange one as I am a Texas fan and an SMU fan. I live in Austin but went to SMU so that explains that. I personally would love to see Texas play SMU over the teams they play sometimes, like Sam Houston State and North Texas. I think it would get some Mustang fans out to the game, especially if it was at a stadium in Dallas. I don't think it would hurt SMU any more than any other tough team. I would rather see SMU get beat by a top five team than some of the others.