Friday, November 25, 2005

UTEP and Notes

The last game of the year is Saturday. My prediction for the year was four games and they have matched that. I also said that something in the back of my head said SMU would win five and they can still do that. Unfortunately, I think UTEP gets an early two touchdown lead and SMU won't be able to catch up. Call it UTEP over SMU 28-17.

And hey, if you can make it, please go out to the stadium and cheer for these guys. They deserve it. They had a couple of chances to quit this year and haven't done it. The team is losing a bunch of key seniors on defense and they deserve some applause.

Yesterday's DMN says Tony Eckert will likely not receive a medical redshirt. Eckert getting a medical redshirt was a pipedream to begin with. Frankly, I don't care whether or not he gets it. Ultimately, I think this is more advertising for an opening. I wonder if there will be a "Help Wanted" sign for QB at Ford tomorrow.

Oh, and Ryan Mentzel is six punts short of the career school record. Am I the only one that is surprised this record doesn't fall every year?


Anonymous said...

You would think that a mid-level Texas QB prospect would take a shot and come to SMU. The talent level seems to be slowly improving, and I would see no reason why the right person could not be a four-year starter.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what everyone is going to think now - since you predicted a loss to UTEP...oh how you were wrong.

SMU Football Blog said...

I think I am 2 for 11 on predicting the outcome this year. I guess that means I sould close up shop. How about I just give you your money back and we call it even?

Yeah. Like it was reasonable to predict five interceptions and three fumbles.